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Our holograms are the best in the business. TSE holograms are manufactured so they cannot be removed from an authenticated item without damaging the hologram. Once the hologram is affixed to your item it cannot be removed without leaving sticky residue. This is done to help protect the integrity of the authentication process.

International Hologram Manufacturers Association

Certified through the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), our hologram design is registered in the International Registry of Hologram Images certifying it is 100% unique and assures that another reputable holographic company cannot copy our image.

The IHMA is a not for profit organization which represents the top tier of hologram manufacturers in the world. There are over 100 member companies globally who actively cooperate to maintain the highest professional, security and quality standards.

The IHMA was founded in 1993 to represent the interests of hologram manufacturers and the hologram industry worldwide. It is dedicated to promoting the interests of the hologram industry worldwide and to helping users achieve their commercial, aesthetic and authentication objectives through the effective use of holography. IHMA membership confers authenticity and credibility on companies that join - all of which are vetted and adhere to a strict Code of Practice governing standards, business ethics, customer service, respect for and protection of customers' and each other's intellectual property.

For added security, the IHMA sponsors an International Hologram Image Registry where member companies confidentially validate and register their client's custom hologram. A new design can be validated as unique before implementation. After the image is registered, the client's custom image is on file to assure the custom image is not inadvertently copied somewhere else in the world.