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Normally items will be updated in the database within one to two weeks. Occasionally it may take slightly longer as we may have numerous signings going on at one time and at times thousands of items to be authenticated.
We do not authenticate items that were not signed in our presence or presence of one of our representatives.
No, the original sticker will be the only sicker you will receive but after each signing the information will be continually updated within the database.
Our holograms are manufactured in such a way that they cannot be removed from an item without damaging the hologram. Once the hologram is affixed to your item it cannot be removed without leaving sticky residue. This is done to help protect the integrity of the authentication process.
If you lose the COA that arrived with your item you can visit and type in the unique number on your hologram to locate your item.
Depending on the item, holograms are usually placed on the bottom corners of the signed item. Full size helmets allow an area on the back of the signed side to place stickers. Certain style mini helmets may have a hologram near the ear hole on the signed side of the helmet as there are decals on back or may be too close to autograph. Holograms must be placed on an actual number that is signed on a jersey not on a number with just an inscription. Also holograms will be placed on the side of the helmet/mini helmet that was signed. On occasion if requested we may put a hologram on the back of an item that is original artwork or numbered collectible. We will always use care with hologram placement so as to not distract from the autograph.